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Jun 12, 2021
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What were going to look at in this post is how some off season moves have affected how much the Braves have went on a downfall in their first 60 games. Let's get started. 1) Neglect to Bullpen This is an simple one. After 2020, Darren O'Day, Mark Melancon, and Shane Greene went into free agency. How many of those guys came back? One. One of the primary excuses to why we could not afford it is because of the decreased money from the Pandemic. Even though that is partly true, the main reason is failing to execute in the office. GM Alex Anthopoles has not made those moves because of a neglecting ownership by Liberty Media. Because of this, AA could not make the ideal moves at the right time. First off, Darren O'Day signed a contract with the Yankees, and Mark Melancon signed with the Padres. The O'Day signing was failing to execute it, again, we could not get it in time. The Melancon signing was because even though we offered him a bigger contract, he did not sign. Is this because he simply did not want to stay with the Braves? We may never know. I'll continue this later. Spencer Nickle, Twitter user @NickleSpencer.


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