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Atlanta Braves 1st half of the 2021 Season

(written by Austiñ Suggs @KoolAidAustin on twitter on July 11, 2021)

The Braves didn’t get off to the hottest start this season. The Braves have had problems from Mike Soroka re-tearing his Achilles, Huascar Yona Breaking his hand, Marcell Ozuna Dislocating two fingers and getting arrested, Travis D’arnaud tearing a ligament in his hand, and Alex Jackson Having a Hamstring Strain and injuring his finger while rehabbing with AAA Gwinnett. Ronald Acuña Jr tearing his ACL. All that there has hurt the Braves a ton.

Soroka had a chance to return at in mid to late August but re-tore the Achilles while walking to the clubhouse.

Yona broke his hand after having a terrible outing and was taken out of the game after punching a wooden bench in Milwaukee.

Ozuna dislocated his fingers sliding into 3rd base at Fenway Park against Boston and then got arrested for Aggravated Assault and Battery.

D’Arnaud tore a ligament in his thumb while trying to place a tag on the runner.

Ronald Acuña Jr tore his ACL trying to catch a ball of the bat of Jazz Chisholm Jr but his Right Knee landed bad.

Ronald Acuña Jr was having a MVP caliper season until the 2nd to last game of the 1st half when he jumped to try and catch the ball hit of the Bat of Jazz Chisholm. When his right leg landed awkwardly and ended up as a torn right ACL. The Braves ended up winning the game 5-4 giving them a record of 44-44

The Pitching rotation has Performed like how they did in their run to the NLCS in 2020. The Bats Are 50/50 theres been games where the bats have been on fire, such as when they beat the Mets 20-2, recently the Pirates 14-3, and Especially when they were up In Chicago at Wrigley Field winning 13-4 with their big first inning.

On the Rookies side of things, William Contreras hasn’t been really hot in 44 games this season hes batted a .204, 7 Homeruns, 21RBIs, and a .666 OPS.

In 4 games Rookie Kyle Muller has pitched 15.2 Innings, 20 Strikeouts, a 1.09Whip, a 3.45era, for a record of 1-2

In 4 games Rookie Tucker Davidson has pitched 20 Innings, 18 strikeouts, a 1.15whip, a 3.60era for a record of 0-0

With the Break coming up the Braves have 3 Guys Going to The All Star Game In Denver, Colorado. Freddie Freeman, Ronald Acuña Jr, and Ozzie Albies. Freeman and Acuña Jr will be starting for the NL while Ozzie Albies will backup Adam Frazier. Ronald Acuña Jr has been replace by the Sand Diego Padres 3B Manny Manchado.

After the Braves have a 6 game home stand with a Hot Tampa Bay Rays and San Diego Padres and then go on the road for 9 games to play the Phillies and NY Mets Two of the games will be a 7inning Doubleheader Against the Mets.

AA is going to have to make moves in the next couple of week if the Braves want to get into the playoffs and possibly win their 4th straight Division title the will have to get off to a better start then what they did to open the campaign.

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