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Founded by Skye Paul (@BravesFromLA on Twitter)

Welcome to BravesFromLA Network, a site run by baseball fans covering the Atlanta Braves and the MLB from a variety of perspectives and contributors. We aim to increase the popularity of baseball abroad, creating discussion on baseball topics and bettering the baseball knowledge of our readers.

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Kyle Muller is here to stay

Through Kyle Muller first two starts in the big leagues he has shut up all the critiques that he had throughout the minors. Muller’s...

What’s wrong with the Braves

Despite the Atlanta Braves 6-4 win against the Marlins on Sunday, the Braves still are 3 games under .500 63 games into the season. With...

The Ascension of Austin Riley

Written by Skye Paul (@BravesFromLA) Austin Riley's batting stance during his improved performance (2021) Atlanta Braves third baseman...

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